Before and After Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Before and After Sound Healing

Hi! It’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted anything–this is the first post this year!! I’m not sure why I stopped, and am not sure there will be any regularity to posts now (I had been trying to do them once a week!); summer for me should be harder than winter as I’d prefer to be outside rather than sitting at a computer!! So, we’ll see…….! These photos were taken in Maine during sessions with Donna Tobey, a sound healer that works mainly with crystal bowls. You can see there is quite a difference!! We had several sets of photos showing a tremendous difference that day, and, like all days I’ve done, some that only showed a subtle difference.

The before photo shows a lot of green coming in, so it sure looks like her energy body is already preparing to take in lots of healing energy. There’s some yellow there, too, on her left, so there’s also a joyous energy on it’s way in. Green and yellow are overhead, in her “essence” color: this indicates it’s likely she’s a very nurturing compassionate type of person who likes to be of service to others, and is a positive thinker. Her guides have shown up overhead, also. Others see her as quite creative, as orange is the color on her right. A large amount of white in her heart area suggests she’s working on being less judgemental of others. Looks like green in her throat area, so that shows nurturing interaction with others.

In the after photo, purple is on her left, so she may find that the session helped bring more awareness to any psychic abilities she has. The number of guides present has increased to six (easier to see in the original), and there is pink near some of them–unconditional love. A LOT of white overhead suggests the session helped her to tune in more effectively to her higher self, the session likely helped with a lot of “letting go” of something that really didn’t serve her. Effects lasting for a bit may be that she finds her spiritual life more of a priority. Blues also indicate more of an ability to “tune in” to Source energy, and use her own intuitive abilities more effectively. Blue is also on her right; others now should be able to see more clearly that she does have intuitive abilities; they may also feel she’s trustworthy, reliable, dependable. Amazingly enough, the white in her heart area also increased–it’s HUGE there!! Purple is on her throat, so she may find herself using her intuitive/psychic abilities more readily in her communication, perhaps without even intending to!

Overall, this change seems to show that she has let go of un-needed energies, and is much more open and receptive to tuning into Source energy, and her own true path. Donna sure did some awesome work!

I want to end this post by pointing out the white in the heart area showed up in both photos. Three guides also showed up overhead on her right in both photos. I am hoping to write another post very soon, maybe even this evening, in which I’ll talk about how this is showing up in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I’VE DONE IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS!!!! Stay tuned……………!

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Friday’s Home is Where the Heart is……..

Willoughby Lake, Dec 2011

This is a photo I took of Willoughby Lake a couple of weeks ago–I haven’t been by there since, probably it is starting to ice over with this COLD weather!! This lake is about 5 miles from my house. Crystal Lake, another beautiful lake, is also about 5 miles from my house and has a very nice state beach/park. However, over the years, I have found that I am usually drawn to go to the beach at this lake, despite the fact that it is right near the road!! (This, in fact, is a picture of part of the beach!) The view is SO lovely, it’s great to just be able to see it the whole time you are there. It’s a popular ice fishing lake (and summer fishing, of course), and about this time of year they have one of those polar dives in the water to raise money for some good cause. (You can tell I don’t participate–I have a difficult time all winter staying warm enough as it is!) I have hiked the mountain on the left in the photo a few times over the years, although not for quite some time. It takes a good few hours, but is well worth the view. Route 5 goes along the lake for, I don’t know, maybe 10 miles or so, until you get to the beach on the other end of the lake. It’s a great drive. One summer I lived in a house on that road, and would bike along part of it most every evening. There wasn’t much traffic at that time of day as a rule, so it was pretty nice. My youngest son was only a year old then, so I had him in one of those seats on the back of my bike. For the last 10 years I’ve been bringing my grand-daughter to this beach. It’s a funny place to swim–you walk out and walk out, and you don’t get much deeper, in fact, in some spots you go back up for a little bit before it deepens again. It does get deep enough to swim, certainly, and in fact is a very deep lake in its center. Last I knew they were still saying they weren’t sure how deep it really was. But, all in all, it’s a gorgeous spot to be, I am blessed that this lake is so close to my home…..

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General “stuff” about Aura Photos

Ramona after an energy session

Just a quick note today; I sure seem to be having a hard time finding time to write during the holidays!!

This is a photo of me, mostly red!!!! As I spoke of in an earlier post, I have gotten red in all of my “after” reiki photos, and I’ve also gotten it in my photo after a long-distance healing session. It intrigues me that I haven’t found that happen with many people since I started doing more of the before and after photos. These types of sessions seem to just bring me lots of energy; lots of get up and go!!
I’ve found red to be a color that likes to solidly stay in one’s aura, though. When people have it as their “before” color, it’s hard to shift it out of there. Interesting, as that’s actually a red color trait–hanging in there, persistence, even stubbornness!! I usually have a hard time saying things that might be said if I feel like it might really hurt someone’s feelings–perhaps I should have a reiki session before I have to confront someone! And, I have a hard time “putting myself out there” at a fair I’m taking aura photos at. I don’t like to “hawk” my work, even though I surely believe in it…..Wonder if having a regular, weekly, reiki session would help me feel like it’s not too aggressive to tell people it’s a good thing to have an aura photo???!!! Well, it sounds like it would be a good experiment, doesn’t it? So, I may try it at some point!
Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season!
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Friday’s Home is Where the Heart is…….

Christmas Day 2010

Last Christmas Day was one of those gorgeous days where the sun is shining off  the snow in such a way that it just sparkles and shines. This is not a photo of Wheeler Mountain, but the hill just down the road, in front of my summer neighbor’s house. Here is another photo from that day……

Christmas Day 2010

Same place, just a different angle. When the snow is like this you can hardly stop looking at it, it’s just incredible! One more…….

Christmas Day 2010

The evergreens really kind of “jump out” in this photo!! Just looking at these photos remind me of how beautiful it was, how I just couldn’t get enough of looking at it. Sometimes when you take photos it doesn’t begin to capture what it really looks like, and I didn’t expect these to show it quite as well as they did, when I took them.

So, with these photos I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Day, and hope you are surrounded by loved ones, or touched by them in some way, and just have that “what a wonderful day” feeling at the end of the day. (Whether you celebrate on December 25 or another time, or another holiday–we just had our family gathering last Sunday, one of the rare times we haven’t got together on Christmas itself, and it was just wonderful!) Blessings to you, and I hope you feel as blessed in life as I do………
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Friday’s Home is Where the Heart is…….

Brook near Wheeler Mtn Dec. 2011The contrast of dark, open water tumbling with snow on either side is always beautiful, don't you think? This brook is down the road from our house about a half mile, and most often does freeze up during the winter. We sure have had weather that's too mild for that to even begin to happen!Brook near Wheeler Mtn. Dec 2011

Below is a photo of the brook on the side of the road where the water comes out–I love the large triangular rock that looks like a rooftop towards the back of the photo! I took these photos on Tuesday, now, on Friday, it’s been mild and rainy and almost all the snow is gone again! Amazing, I had thought this snowfall would stay on the ground. They have been saying after a mild fall we usually have a mild winter; that would be fine with me although it will probably mean more bugs in the summer! And, not so great for our winter sports/winter tourist season. It’s also so much prettier with snow; I don’t mind the snow as much as the cold, which I’m sure is the case for a lot of people! I did find myself wanting to get out with my snowshoes during that snowfall, though, everything was just so lovely with the snow weighing down the branches. Life so close to nature makes me feel so blessed!

Brook near Wheeler Mtn. Dec 2011


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General “stuff” about Aura Colors

Ramona during a transitional time

This week we’ll take a look at blue traits that I haven’t really used in my interpretations in the past. In this photo, I actually have indigo surrounding me, so we’ll look at those traits, too.

Being tactful is one blue trait I don’t seem to bring up in a session. It does make sense, though. People with blue are usually sensitive to others, so it’s likely they would be tactful. Another trait I don’t seem to bring up is being committed, although I certainly agree with that one–it goes with being loyal. Usually I think of this as being loyal to others, but why can’t it be loyal to something you’ve set out to do?!
An indigo trait I don’t usually tell people about is being fearless. I’m not sure about this; it seems possible that since indigo folks are pretty intuitive as a rule, that they may trust they will “know” if they should be taking a different course of action than they are taking if they are in danger of some sort, and this may make them fearless for the most part. I have found that people with blue/indigo are pretty trusting for the most part, so they may not be worriers quite as much either? Feedback from blue or indigo people would be great, or feedback from those of you who have friends/relatives who are blue or indigo……..
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A bit more for Friday’s post……

Beaver Pond, early Dec. 2011

Here’s the photo of the beaver pond that was supposed to be in the previous post I just published……! I just can’t figure out why sometimes part of what I’ve written somehow turns into a column–I actually like the way the column “appeared” under my foggy trees photo, but, the ending makes no sense when the label for the beaver pond photo is the way it finishes!!! Well, hopefully I’ll figure it all out at some point. In the meantime, here’s the missing photo!

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